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Are Jaggery & Honey really healthy?

  We all know that table sugar is one of the most refined form of carbs that we consume. Every gram of sugar can be considered as a gram of carbohydrate. Sugar is considered bad for out health because it affects our good gut flora, too much consumption can cause obesity, insulin resistance and eventually diabetes.   But what about Jaggery & Honey? Research says that Jaggery and honey both have the same effect on your blood sugar as table sugar does. In fact, the claims of jaggery and honey having a benefit to your health have been taken into practice as an excuse to continue eating sweet/highly palatable foods. “Its okay ya, it has jaggery in it, ITS HEALTHY”....

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Are you sleeping enough?

We all know that less sleep can hinder our daily mental functioning. We feel drained and even if we try, or we think we are. We can’t seem to concentrate on work, studies, exams etc.   But there’s a lot of functions in our body that take place when we are sleeping. Repair, recovery and certain daily functions in the body are done when you get enough sleep.   Now, imagine that you’re trying to finish that presentation for work or you’ve got homework to submit tomorrow and suddenly your laptop goes off, or the lights go out. You cannot complete what you set out to do. Just like that, if you disrupt your sleep, your body won’t recover well...

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Are you drinking enough water?

We’ve always been told by our elders that you should be drinking enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated. They have always been right about a lot of things related to our health but the importance of drinking enough water hasn’t been emphasised as much as it should be. 

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