I offer a 4 week programme for Training, Nutrition or Training + Nutrition. 

Once you have sent me an inquiry, you will receive a detailed questionnaire and the programme fee structure from me. Please only fill the questionnaire if you are ready to sign up for the programme.

Once the questionnaire is filled and submitted, I will send you the selection confirmation and payment portal via email. We will be starting off with our one on one coaching once the required payment has been made.  

During these 4 weeks, I will be,

1) Taking live video sessions 3 times in a week for home workouts. These sessions will be 1 hour long and will involve everything that has been personalised for your training experience, the equipment and your limitations.


2) A weekly plan formulated for you to perform in the gym with detailed videos on how to perform the exercise and feedback on your form and technique from the videos you provide to me.

If opted for the Nutrition Plan as well,

I will be sending out weekly check-in forms to track your progress. I will be available for 24/7 support over email as well as texts.


  • PCOS
  • Gluten-free
  • The Ketogenic diet
  • Vegetarians
  • Non vegetarians


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