The Kaizen Crew Membership

The Kaizen Crew Membership

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Kaizen Fitness Community

Type: Monthly Membership

Language: English

Instructors: Ambar Sood & Sarah Patil

Price: Rs. 1000 for the 1st Month (Launch Offer)


Why Join The Kaizen Fitness Community?


Hey guys, This is Ambar and I am Sarah. We are fitness coaches and we have been personally training with different people around the world from different walks of life. This time, we want to make coaching more affordable and at the same time reach out to as many people as we can, to change as many lives as we can. This has always been our goal and we have finally come up with a way to make this goal come alive with The Kaizen fitness crew.

So, What is it?

The Kaizen Fitness Crew is a monthly subscription that will give you access to workout programs, nutrition advice, educational information, recipe ideas, zoom session interactions and discussions around fitness within a closely knit Facebook Community led by Ambar & Sarah.

What is the aim?

The aim is to build a community of like minded individuals who encourage and motivate one another on their fitness journey, whatever the goal maybe!Who is it for?

This is suitable for all fitness levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. You don’t need any equipment either since we will have variations for anyone and everyone - we have a way around every excuse that you throw at us!


Launch Offer - Rs. 1000 per month for literally EVERYTHING we have to offer so grab it while it lasts!

Here’s what you get:

Workouts: We will programme monthly workouts that will be posted on the Facebook Group at the beginning of every month. This will include all the exercises, mental and physical cues that you need to keep in mind, exercise variations for beginners and advanced athletes, home and gym options for every movement, rest periods and everything that you need to know regarding each workout.

Nutrition Recipes: We will post weekly recipes so that you never get bored of eating the same meals over and over again.Nutrition Guide: When you sign up for the 3 month plan, you will also get access to a nutrition guide that will explain the basic concepts around nutrition and how you can make it more suitable to your own lifestyle.

Zoom Sessions: We will conduct a monthly zoom session so that you can get direct access to Ambar & Sarah for any fitness or non fitness related queries that you might need to solve. This will be in the form of a discussion and QnA so that we can solve all the problems that you throw at us and everyone can learn from each others problems and experiences.

Coach Feedback & Analysis: We will encourage every member of the community to post regular updates in the form of workout videos so that it can be critically analysed by the head coaches. This will not only help you be accountable to the community but will also help you improve going into each session. There is no limit to the number of videos you post so please be as regular as you can and the coaches will be more than happy to keep helping you smash your fitness goals.

Engagement Activities: The coaches will be covering 2-3 topics every month in the form of a video that will be exclusively for the Facebook community. This will be around topics related to:

  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Recent Research Studies around fitness in general
  • Training related topics to help with key movements
  • Myth Busting for all the BS that is going around
  • Mobility Routines
  • Flexibility Routines
  • Personal Experiences for the coaches themselves
Monthly Incentives: The most active member of the community or the member that adds the most value in any way will stand a chance to win prizes each month. We will let you know each month what we have planned but some of the things that we will be giving out are:
  • Free extra month in the Facebook Community
  • Product giveaways - SleepyOwl Coffee, Supplements, Peanut Butter from Happy Jars and so on
  • Free 1 on 1 consultation with Ambar or Sarah
WhatsApp group: Inclusive of a WhatsApp group for a more intimate conversation and updates for what's going on in the facebook community!